“How do you mend a broken heart?”


After beginning Romans 1 by introducing Christ as the “good news”, “the gospel”, Paul then spends some time showing us why we need “good news” in the first place.
We need “good news” because the state of mankind is “bad news”!

Paul systematically reveals the state of the human race in Romans 1-3.
Adam & Eve decided to remove God from His central position in their lives in Genesis 3 and “do it their way”, and since then mankind has been broken.
Wholeness is only possible with God at the centre … that’s the way God made us.
With God taken out of the picture, the story is a sad one.

EVERYONE is broken … the good, the bad and the religious.
No one can fix the problem … it is a spiritual problem.
Romans 3:9-12 sums this whole situation up.

Vs. 21 “BUT NOW!

“a righteousness FROM GOD”
God Himself intends to put mankind to right.
We can do nothing for ourselves … it is ALL from Him.

Vs. 22 “This righteousness from God comes THROUGH FAITH in Jesus Christ to ALL who believe”

If the answer is “through faith in Christ” WHAT EXACTLY HAS CHRIST DONE FOR US THAT MAKES THIS POSSIBLE?

When Christ was crucified he cried out “it is finished!” John 19:30
What exactly was finished?
What happened on the cross that makes it possible for our brokenness to be fixed in Christ?
What is it that Christ has done for us?

Romans 3:23-25
Paul now introduces two key Old Testament concepts that show us exactly what Jesus did on our behalf:
• Vs. 24 “Redemption”
• Vs. 25 “A sacrifice of atonement”

These key concepts are hidden away in the Old Testament law, in books we often fail to read.


Comes from a Hebrew word “ga’al” …. Means to buy back, to set free.
In the Old Testament, the redeemer was the closest relative
His role was to:
a. Leviticus 25:25 Buy back a relative’s land for him if he had lost it through poverty … to restore property & rightful possessions … to restore the inheritance.
b. Leviticus 25:47-49 Buy back his relative from slavery … to set a person free
c. Ruth Marry the widow of a dead relative to keep the bloodline intact … restore hope for the future
d. Numbers 35:18-19 Take revenge on behalf of a relative who has been harmed … remove the threat from the rest of the family … “avenger of blood” = “ga’al” … ensure future protection from the aggressor

On the cross, Jesus took the place of our REDEEMER.
That is why Jesus had to come to this earth as a man.
Only a close relative … a man … could redeem us … only a man unstained by sin himself!
Jesus came as a man … lived as a man … died as a man FOR US!

His death on the cross:
1. Paid the price for our inheritance to be restored to us. All Adam lost, Jesus bought back FOR YOU & I!
2. Paid the price to buy US BACK from slavery to sin. If we choose to accept it, Christ died to SET US FREE!
3. Christ became our bridegroom. He offers to restore hope back to mankind … a future that is glorious & eternal … all we have to do is accept His gift.
4. On the cross Jesus defeated the enemy of our souls. Satan has been rendered powerless … if we choose to accept it!
Colossians 2:13-15
“disarmed” = Gk apekduomai … refers to the ceremony following a successful battle. The victor publicly disarms & humiliates the defeated foe. The loser’s armour is laid at the victor’s feet.

Jesus is OUR REDEEMER Romans 3:24
We can be “declared to be in the right”/”justified” because of what Christ did for us on the cross.


Vs. 25 “God presented him as a sacrifice of atonement”
“atonement” = “to purge”, “to take away” … lit “to cover with bitumen” … also refers to “reconciliation”
To restore the relationship broken by sin.
Leviticus 16:6-10, 15-17, 20-22
2 goats:
One died on behalf of the people. Took the penalty for their brokenness for them. (Explain)
One was prayed over, sins confessed over, and then taken far away … to show their sins were now REMOVED FROM THEM. (Explain)

Christ did this for us on the cross.
Not only did He fulfill the role of the REDEEMER …
BUT he became our atonement offering as well.

He TOOK OUR SINS AWAY … when we choose to accept what Christ has done for us WE ARE NO LONGER UNDER THE POWER OF SIN … we are then free to choose for ourselves again … THE POWER IS BROKEN!
Romans 4:7, 8

Isaiah 53 … The cross & its power!


Romans 1:16-17
Receive it by faith
Live in it daily BY FAITH

Christ has done it all.
No human effort, no good works, no keeping of any law can help us.
There is nothing we can do but accept what He has done.
The promise of freedom & restoration from our brokenness is wrapped up under the Christmas tree …
All we need to do is TAKE IT & OPEN IT … EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES!

Christ died TO SET US FREE!
What an amazing gift!