“A totally new life in Christ”


Last time we saw that in Chapter 4, Paul returns to the example of Abraham, to show that by faith we enter into a new family … a faith community.
The Church is part of the family formed by God through Abraham.
All that was promised to Abraham is ours as we learn to live by faith as he did.
This family is made up of Jew and Gentile … all who accept God’s solution to our brokenness in Christ.
What is so special about this family?
To answer this, we now turn our attention to Chapter 5
Before we do so we will view the second part of “The Bible Project” overview of Romans.

Romans 5 (Read the whole chapter)
“A totally new life in Christ”

As we look at this new life promised us in Christ, we need to remind ourselves of one thing … We cannot do it for ourselves.
Vs. 6 “You see, at just the right time, WHEN WE WERE STILL POWERLESS, Christ died for THE UNGODLY”

“powerless”: Feeble, impotent, sick, broken … UNABLE TO HELP OURSELVES
“ungodly”: Totally opposed to God, separated from Him in every way.
Jesus did this for us when we could do nothing for ourselves and when WE DIDN’T EVEN DESERVE IT OR WANT IT!

What did He provide for us?

1. We are Justified Vs. 1

When we, by faith choose to accept Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross as God’s answer to our brokenness we are declared to be in the right by faith.

We have a new position … a new status before God.
No longer are we guilty.
No longer can our old life accuse us … no longer can our past hold us down.
No longer can sin enslave us or keep us from God’s love.

God, the righteous judge, declares us to be IN THE RIGHT!

2. We have peace with God Vs. 1

“Peace” has two over-all thoughts contained within it:

a. A new relationship:

“Peace”: “Oneness, a restored relationship, to set at one again, harmony, security of relationship”.
When we choose to trust in Christ’s death on the Cross for us, our relationship with God, that was destroyed by Adam IS RESTORED.

We have the privilege of a close relationship again.
When Jesus died on the cross, the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom.
This symbolised the fact that man could now come freely into God’s presence.
The barrier of brokenness has been removed in Christ.

Vs. 10 “we were reconciled to him” mentioned twice in this verse
Vs. 11 “through whom (Christ) we have now received reconciliation”

“reconciled”: “To receive one into favour … to transform a relationship”.

In Christ, our broken relationship with God HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED.
We can approach Him without fear of rejection.
We are now His children!

b. A new provision:

“peace”: also contains the thought of “prosperity”
In Ch 4 we saw that we are now “heirs of the Father” with Abraham, by faith.
All that is God’s is available to us by faith.
God wants His children to prosper!
There is so much here that we, the church, have not yet understood or grasped!

This “peace with God” also provides us with:

c. A new State:

Vs. 9-10 “saved” “sozo” … “to make whole, to heal, to restore a broken state”
In Christ, our brokenness is healed.
Something happens on the inside of us.
That brokenness that held us captive is rendered powerless.
The inner healing process is started! (“sozo” is an ongoing process not a once & for all crisis!)

But that’s not all! We also have:

d. A new authority:

Vs. 17 “how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness REIGN IN LIFE through the one man, Jesus Christ”

“reign”: “to exercise kingly power and authority … to be king”
As we accept all that Christ has done for us, we enter into a family where we have the privilege of REIGNING IN LIFE.
We become the head & not the tail.
We become above & not beneath.
All authority is restored to us … the authority Adam was given in Genesis 1,2 … to rule over the earth.


Vs. 12-20
Adam, through his disobedience & lack of trust, brought death, brokenness and the loss of relationship with God into the human race.

Jesus through his life & death … through obedience & trust in the Father … restored all that Adam lost to mankind again

All that can only be received as we respond to God in Faith.
When we choose to accept we are broken & in need of God’s help … we cannot help ourselves.
When we choose to accept Christ’s death on the cross as God’s answer for our condition.
When we choose to accept God as our Father.
When we choose to trust Him with our lives and ask Him to rule & reign in us again.

The result is a glorious new life in Christ.
A life that promises wholeness and so much more!
Will you choose that life today?