Nations Kids Church | Sunday 31 May

Hello Wonderful Nations Parents… have you heard the beautiful worship song ‘The Blessing’? It was recorded during lock down and can be seen on you tube. In it they sing the Abrahamic request asking for God to bless those listening, their children and their children’s children. It speaks of a multi-generational blessing of God that goes through the generations. As parents we can pray that over our children too. Speak blessing, speak wholeness, speak life over your family and release good things in the Spirit. God bless you all as you share the love of God within your home. With love, Annette.

REMEMBER FAITH 5 (You can do this at the dinner table or as you tuck your children in for the night. It can take as little as 5 minutes and will help families to connect with each other and with God)

  1. SHARE your highs and lows of the day
  2. READ a bible verse or story
  3. TALK about how the bible reading might relate to your highs and lows
  4. PRAY for one another’s highs and lows
  5. BLESS one another

Nations Kids Church

  • 2-4 Year Olds

    2 – 4 year olds

    STORY: God’s promise to David

    AIM: To know that God promised that one of David’s family would always be king..

    READING: 2 Samuel v7

    Read/tell/act out this with your child

    King David loved God. One day God sent Nathan the prophet to King David with a message. Nathan said ‘God has told me to say that I have helped you and made you King of the whole land. You will be a good king. And I have a special promise for you. One of your family will always be king of Israel’.

    David was very happy to hear that. He said ‘This is wonderful. Thank you Nathan for telling me about this’. David was very happy because God had said he would do many great things. And he was also happy to hear that one of his family would always be the king in Israel.

    David knew that God would do what he said he would do.

    Pray together

    Thank you God you make good promises and you always keep them.

    ACTIVITY: To find an activity about God keeping his promises click here.

  • School Years 0-6

    School years 0-6

    STORY: David: A king forever.

    AIM: To hear that God promised that one of David’s family would always be king.

    David’s worship was wholehearted and exuberant. This session is a great chance to encourage the children to worship enthusiastically.

    Bible verses: 2 Samuel 7

    Read or tell this story to your child/ren

    David lived in a flash palace in Jerusalem. He brought the special box of God, the covenant box, back to Jerusalem and it was kept in a special tent there.

    David had a special adviser, a prophet called Nathan. Nathan used to tell David messages from God and what God wanted. David was planning to build a big fancy temple to put the covenant box in, and he told Nathan about it but God had other ideas.

    He gave a strong message to Nathan and asked him to tell David that he should NOT build a temple for the covenant box. That job was going to be given to one of David’s family who would come after him. God made a further promise to David. He said he would make him a great king of Israel and that one of his family would rule the kingdom forever!

    David was very excited when he heard this. What an honour! He praised God, saying ‘God you are so great. There is no one greater than you.’

    Many years later David died and his son Solomon became king. Solomon was the one who built the temple to house the covenant box of God.

    Not only that, but hundreds of years later, one of David’s family born as a baby in Bethlehem. He was born to be the King of Kings, and rule forever. Do you know what his name is?

    Pray together and thank God that he always keeps his promises.


    • What did you think of the story?
    • What does this story tell us about God?
    • What does this story tell us about us?

    ACTIVITIES (Take a photo of your work and send it to me so I can post it on the Nations members’ page)

    COLOUR. To find an activity about God keeping his promises click here.

    ACTIVITY: To find an activity about standing on God’s promises click here.

  • 7 Ups

    7 Ups

    We are looking at a book titled ‘Plugged In’, by Doug Fields


    Do this by yourself or with an older person in your home. Have some paper and pens handy to draw/write your responses

    It is easy to worship God when things are going well, right? Last week we talked about worshipping God for everything he has given. But what about when he ‘takes away?’

    FOR 2 MINUTES: Read Job 1v1, then Job 1v6-22

    FOR 5 MINUTES: Talk about these questions

    1. Make a list of the ways verse 1 describes Job. Now, make a list of the ways God describes Job in verse 8.
    2. If Job was such a great God-fearing guy, why did God let so much bad stuff happen to him? This is a really tough question to answer. Don’t worry about coming up with a ‘perfect answer’. Just think about it.
    3. If you lost your family and all your possessions in one day how would you respond? How does Job respond in v 20-22? How is Job’s response a form of worship?

    FOR 3 MINUTES: Talk to God

    • How does the story of Job make you feel about God? Whatever your reaction, tell him about it.
    • Is there something in your life at the moment that you are mad at God about? Be honest. He knows anyway.
    • If you are currently hurting ask God to help you know that he loves you, and to help you trust him that he will work something good out of the bad.


    1. Scripture Union Light and Bubbles compendiums
    2. 10 minute moments series. ‘Plugged In’ by Doug Fields